Manners & Motivation is supported by many in not just one community, but many throughout the United States.  

We at Manners & Motivation and Joshua Coburn are very appreciative of the individuals and companies who have lent their time, effort, and support to help make Manners & Motivation happen.  Without all of these amazing people involved, we would have never been able to reach thousands of students as well as continue to look forward to reaching thousands more in the near future.

"THANK YOU"  to everyone who has shown their support and dedicated their time and efforts to this amazing journey.

Special Thanks to 

  • The Please Line
  • Curacy
  • Carlos Anaya, Host: FOX News Latino/My Lifestyle Extra
  • Carlos Mayorga, Host: FOX News Latino
  • Lauren Simonetti, Host: Career Accelerator, FOX News
  • Kevin Tracy, FOX News
  • Heather R. Huhman, Parade Magazine
  • Ed Sych, The Biz Journals
  • Ric Bratton, Host: This Week in America
  • Paula Burkes, The Oklahoman
  • Megan Reuther, Reporter: WHO 13 News
  • Bob Schmidt, Host: BS with Bob Schmidt
  • Tara Nickerson, Host: The Daily Wrap
  • Justin Sachs, CEO: Motivational Press



A lot of the ideas that fuel Manners & Motivation™ are brought to life by the Curacy team.  They stop at nothing to assure that Manners & Motivation™ continues to lead the way in finding the most innovative forms of inspiration.  Teamwork and unity are the most crucial part of their success, so they prefer to keep themselves as individuals out of the public eye by remaining anonymous.  With the work they put together as a team, its safe to say that these guys are ANIMALS when it comes to Motivation! 




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