Joshua Coburn’s “Manners & Motivation™” events are proven tried and true in creating positive thinking and change with his five-point system that inspires and empowers students and staff.  The curriculum is so empowering that students are able to restore self-esteem to feel comfortable in their own skin, keep motivated during tough times, set goals in their daily lives and create an overall positive change.  School leaders say “His message is truly genuine and connects deeply with students”. Countless testimonials validate his methods of communicating with students on this deeper level. Why?  Because he’s been there, felt that, and has worked through it to become one of the top motivational resources today. Joshua's entertaining personality coupled with his unique and edgy look lends itself to gaining attention from his audience. Students are instantly engaged by listening to his stories- prompting them to actively participate in each event with Coburn and with one another!

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Servant leadership, self-respect, teen depression, anxiety, suicide, peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, self-harm, actions and consequences, self-actualization, communication, positive attitudes, unity, goal setting, achieving dreams and more!




  • High School Assemblies
  • Middle School Assemblies
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Back to School Orientations
  • Teen Summit Programs
  • Student Leadership Trainings
  • Student Leadership Retreats